Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Queensland Boys

So here's another midnight rant from your favorite insomniac!

It's currently 2:27am and i need to get up early tomorrow to do makeup for a shoot in Mosman but my sleeping patterns are severely messed up.

As per usual, I'm trolling through Model Mayhem, this time, noticing that all the athletic Gold Coast boys hang out together! All of them!! How strange is that?!

Why cant we have all the slim, editorial guys hang out together here in Sydney? Is it because we have 2 kabajillion of them and competition is fierce? Is it because Sydney is too much work and not enough play? Is it because us editorial kids are all stuck up skanks?

We should totally get together and play footy together!
...Oh wait. We don't do that do we? Coffee and Cigarette fueled gossip sessions are only so good for a certain amount of times before we screw ourselves over with our mouths and the claws come out.

Well i guess i just answered my own question!

PS: Actually the real reason is probably because I'm out of the social circle altogether. I only just came up with that solution about 15 minutes after i wrote the blog. Smart cookie, i am.

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