Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm a racist gay person

I may or may not have had a small tiff over something completely trivial with someone who I'm sure is a genuinely kind person.

Oh who am i kidding?! That person deserves to die a horribly painful death. Both him and his sidekick. It angers me SO SO much that when we, as a discriminated kind, come together as a community in order to find social acceptance, we somehow still find ways to discriminate.

Today, for example, i lost my temper at someone who was completely condescending toward me in relation to the way i dress. This person somehow came to the conclusion that i shop at low end retailers without any supporting evidence. As petty as this may seem and as much as i do actually shop in all types of fashion stores, he really did cross the line. I know i shouldn't have gotten angry over such an insignificant issue, however this person continually puts other people down and he has his little side kick backing him up. Plus, people oblivious to his bitchy remarks have been completely defensive of him when people react. Its just extremely frustrating for me seeing people come into a community built solely for the purpose of supporting others, whilst they continue to discriminate regardless of this.

I have seen other examples where, out of sheer ignorance, there has been discrimination over race, class, physical attributes and whatever the hell else they can think of with people in the same community. This strikes me as extremely stupid and hypocritical, that we're together because we're being descriminated against, yet they still discriminate againts others because they fail to see past social steriotypes and poorly judged generalisations.

So, basically, i think the world sucks right now.


PS: I'm not actually a racist gay person. It's just an oxymoron i thought was suitable for this post.

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