Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spin, Spin.

I am once again, friendless, ugly and fat. Life is truly a cycle, as i have reverted to the same person i was 6 years ago.

People, once again, seemingly cannot surpass the threshold to my personality and they judge purely on face value. Even some people who already know me seem to act this way.

As my values and attitudes progress, theirs do not. They are not able to accept my new self, nor am i willing to compromise. Hence, we drift.

As subtle the word drift may sound, for me, it is truly quite sudden. Everyone slowly establishes an emotional disconnect with me, yet on the surface, they're peaches and cream. Then, at one given point and time, i do something which causes a social avalanche. They either all just drop off the face of the earth or treat me with hostility.

Ah the cycle begins once again. Time to find new friends, establish myself in new territory and hopefully nothing disastrous happens.

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