Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's hit me.. [edited]

I was discussing the idea of a test shoot together with Uppy.

*Edit: deleted content - IM NOT A SHIT MODEL!*

Im hoping to do a test with her, where i shall be among tall tall grass in amazing natural light. The styling shall be effortless and neutral. Like this:


Looks effortless dosent it? Well.. it aint gonna be easy.
Lets just hope i dont kill someone, haha.


PS: *sigh* Chad White is just pure perfection. I shall never, ever forget him.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Versace Spring Summer 2010

With a large dosage of technical fabric, perforated leather, metal and heavy, loud prints, it seems like this season, Donatella chose to take a back seat in pushing the house forward. Instead, 80s are once again, a prevalent theme with many of the pieces carrying the aura of old school Versace.


She went so far as to create a transparent plastic miniskirt! At least vintage Versace fanatics and old clientele will be happy *Paris Hilton, I'm looking at you*.


Despite the ressurection of Gianni and trashy DV, some of the design concepts in the end with the geometric evening gowns are refreshing, and upon closer inspection, the workmanship in many of the pieces are phenomenal.


Quite a lineup of models were featured. There were two aussies - Skye Stracke and Abbey Lee Kershaw, who opened and closed the show. They also had one black model - Chanel Iman (ironic that im writing about her in a positive light eh?).

Of course, the regulars like Natasha, Lily (who both looked a little chunky in a poorly chosen garments) and Vlada were there.


Speaking of Vlada, is it just me or does it seem like EVERYONE is going a lighter shade of blonde (or going blonde if they werent before)? Vlada, Carmen, Kasia.. WHATEVER. The only model who hasnt fallen under the pressure of uniformity on the runway is Karlie Kloss. She went a shade darker in brown.


Naomi and Tyra all over again

According to Grazia, Sessilee Lopez was chucking a tantrum - throwing chairs and screaming at people backstage Jeremy Scott and Nathan Jenden during London Fashion Week.

She recently tweeted:
"I am over the b.s"
"I feel like a fool and it hurts so bad"
"Blah blah blah blah sounds good but I'm over it"

Why? You may ask.

Well, her mummy steps into the picture and reveals all with a tweet to Chanel Iman saying "u shouldn't try to sabotage the other black models. It's bad karma. Don't b friends only in front of the cameras."

Real classy, girls.


Lawrence Stiers


His 'other' name is Mike Kegelman; stalkers, eat your heart out (i wont even bother explaining HOW i ended up finding this out).
He is listed as 6'2 but is really 194cms tall which is 6'4.
He was also a 'regular hot kid' until 06, when he signed with Major.

Nice to know SOMEONE worked their ass off for at least 3 years before walking for someone like Dolce & Gabbana. *Jesus Luz, im looking at you*

Cole Mohr in a speedo?



nom nom ;)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sweet Taste of Yesterday

It seems like both trivial and more significant things have become less enjoyable. I don't find as much satisfaction in what used to get me ecstatic.

I believe social dynamics play a large part in this.

Maybe it's because of myself and my environment. I have no where i truly belong to anymore, possibly because i am now a hybrid between femmeboy-fashionfreak and regular guy with straight tendencies.
Many are stuck in the past and don't see i am evolving away from my uberdubergayness. However that is not my main concern.
I'm stuck between two social archetypes and have no where to go. On a literal level, all the girls dont socialise with me anymore because they don't see me as one of them anymore, and i still find it difficult at times to completely immerse myself in ..'guy world'.
The fact that i'm naturally drifting away from everybody does not help either.

Maybe it's because i am brainwashing myself into thinking that everything is superficial and is not really worth it; I am over analyzing every single detail in my life.

Maybe it's a mix of both.

Maybe i'm just too sensetive.

I don't know. All i know is that life really sucks right now and i'm not sure i can rebuild anything remotely enjoyable that is based around social circles.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Vivienne Westwood

I have never taken her seriously.

After seeing this on the runway this week at the opening of London Fashion Week...


I threw up in my mouth a just little bit more than i usually do.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Yesterdays obsession.

Lyle Lodwick, i have a confession to make. Sorry babe, you're not 'it' anymore.

AJ Abualrub here i come!!
This boy is AMAZING. *sigh*
Being the amazing detective (stalker) i am, i got hold of a picture of his drivers license too.
It's such a cute photo!

PS: If he's listed as 6'2 by his agency and he's actually 6'3, and Matt Gordon is 6'3.. Does that mean Matt is actually 6'4? And if they're high in their 6's, does that make me 5'2? Bittersweet nothings. I HATE MY LIFE.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh Hai.

Guess who the new girl on the block this season is?




I'm not even joking.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

So.. Recently,

I've been wondering who actually booked the jobs i didn't.

There aren't many guys that usually are at the same castings i am, as in there aren't many male models around.

So if i didn't book a job, someone i know must have booked it.

So i wonder who booked the editorial and magazine covers, who booked that bloody look book shoot that was f*cking good pay (by good pay i mean work for 4 hours and make more than what a lot of people make for 2 weeks working full time) and who booked the ad campaign which would go up on billboards in Sydney.

I wanted a cover, billboards and money!!

Im hoping to see who gets those bookings. Because.... *stab stab* ;)


PS: Those photographers really can't spell.

PPS: That tub of strawberry shortcake icecream aint helping either.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What is this.

Did someone say lighter?

The trigger is pulled.
A rush of adrenaline pulses through my brain and rushes through to my arms.
They reach out to a crumpled box
Filled with individually wrapped flakes of delight.

Standing sleepily,
My hands grip around the bars incarcerating me in the room
Swirls of smoke creep out the window.

Such days of youth
Shall be of regret once shadows fall upon my face.
But i don't care.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Im a little slow

I FINALLY get the whole Suvi the slut thing!

Apparently Suvi Koponen lost her virginity to Danny Beuchamp on a flight of stairs backstage some show.

..........Never EVER shall i view Danny Beauchamp in the same way. EVER!!!!


Thats all.

Bread and Butter

As many of you know (well most of you dont), catalogues are a model's bread and butter.

The opportunity for shooting with a suit company paying .. quite a bit (a lot), i shall not disclose the amount, for 4 hours has come up.

..Its situated on Wednesday or Thursday.

Music HSC is on Wednesday. I'm asian. My chances are slim.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Plus-size models doing big girls no favours

WHY are we suddenly lavishing love on the larger ladies given that half of all Australians are overweight, and one-fifth of us are morbidly obese? ...

But in what is hailed as a breakthrough for "normal" females, big women are the latest fashion craze.

Indeed, this month's Fashion Week In Melbourne abandoned the usual stick insects for some models who were size 14-18.

It was a breakthrough to see fashion shows using not just ridiculously skinny models that make thin women feel fat.

But was it really a breakthrough for good health?

Let's be honest.

While these women might make us feel better about our bulging butts and guts, the truth is, few women over a size 14 are in a healthy weight range. ...

But there are also many larger people who are just plain fat, and who would be better off being encouraged to lose weight rather than always be told it's okay to be overweight. ...

Let's face it, Australians - like Americans - do not need any encouragement or permission from role models in the media to put on weight. ...

But it's time to get real - fat people may be happier but they're also digging their graves with a fork, and we're all paying for it.

I don't want to just see the latest fashions on models who have to run around in the shower to get wet.

Suzie O'Brien


Confessions confessions

They always lead to numerous hours of pointless contemplation.

Man, you're so fuckin juicy.

In a way, im jealous.
But in a way, I'm also glad I'm not exposing myself to ...others.

Ma shell is as thick as yaw mamas dick, girl!


Monday, September 7, 2009

I get it now..

So that's why my mum would lie to me about how making porn in Australia is illegal...

She didnt want me going on webcam and slutting up with other boys!!!


Who would have thought my first tear sheets would be completely commercial, for educational purposes. I was hoping for um.. a more editorial direction.

At least i got the cover.. right?

Oh well, it was good pay :)


Sunday, September 6, 2009

I wanna...

play touch footy and be freeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Sometimes i feel like Tyra Banks.
"....Tyra Show...!"
" the beginning of my career, it was all about me me me, now i want to help other people...!"
"...Top Model!..."
"...I dressed up as a fat person just to see what it was like!..."


Saturday, September 5, 2009


I just called my father.
He was happy i to hear from me and wanted to do something next week.


New Hair

Cole Mohr ain't got nothin on me!

..okay maybe AFTER i lose that 5kg I've been meaning to for the past few months.

Fatty boom bah ain't too photogenic at the moment.


Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Happening Again

They watch, they laugh, they applaud,
As i perform my delicately constructed routine.
Then they leave.
Some never return,
Yet, there is always one familiar face.

The circle of my life continues.

Have I lost her amidst the crowd?
Is she even there?
Am i, now, yet another circus act?

Dear Jack,

The devils water, it ain't so sweet,
But its fuckin addictive.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

There are certain things you shouldn't say...

...when trying to find work as a model.

Like preach about being against homosexuality


Take a look at his MM page:


Haha. He also preeches about lust and all that shit. His top friend on Model Mayhem is a blonde bimbo skank, who has a fake tan, fake hair and fake boobs, who poses nude with her finger up her pussy.

I'm not pissed he dosent accept homosexuality, people have a right to their own oppinions. It just shits me how he can be so stupid and unproffesional as to put people down on a proffesional networking site, where a large chunk of the people there are possibly gay, with good intentions.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How the fuck..

did this:

turn into this:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nom Nom

Currently, I'm eating all the lollies that were meant as a thank you gift for the stage band. They should be considered lucky that i didn't down all the Tim Tams and the soft drink too!

Damn these bludgy subjects are costly! I've been buying goodies for all my lovely accompanyists (of course, not that i dont want to hehe).


Just a quick little update on 'ma moddle status!!!!'. I think Ive gone for around 5 American Crew competition casting calls. I dont even have one 'yes'. Oh well, i guess beauty/hair ain't my thing. Leave it to the pretty caucasion boys with perfect bone structures for that.

I'm really aiming for Vivien's once I'm done with the HSC. Its my biggest hope - I'm feeling a bit dodgy about working in China, with the internet filtering and all, hahaha. No i wasnt thinking of looking at other stuff. I meant Facebook! Yes. Facebook is banned in China! It's ridiculous. Im not sure i can survive in a place without Facebook or Youtube.

Can't wait to get some tests done soon though. Out of all the 15 images in my portfolio and the kabajillion i've thrown in the bin, only 4 or 5 are half decent. For my next test, I'm thinking of teaming up with a girlie moddle i know and with photographer extraordinaire Jysla Kay. However that could create interesting results, considering the last time i shot with a female model, we ended up going wayyyy off track creating Twilight shots, with me cracking up in 80% of the images because i can't focus solely on biting a girls neck.