Monday, August 31, 2009

The After-Party

It went all too quickly; i was walking away from the group alone.
Out came the roll of both the cure and the poison. The object flickered out on the floor with a small pop as the soothing scent of death had filled my lungs. However it was hardly satisfying to the seemingly never ending time it took to get back to my own space, with the all too familiar Emilio Pucci print editorials and picture perfect Prada girls staring blankly at me.


It just feels so natural now...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

You Give Me Butterflies

Sitting at home alone, listening to Butterflies by Alicia Keys and reading short stories about the exploration of ones emotions has lead me to question the reality of such an idealistic view of love and whether it is possible to find a partner for life with such high expectations.

HA. Never would i have thought I'd even talk about love in such a way. I guess I can officially call myself a product of society. I should just crawl back up that imaginary runway i slid off and once again immerse myself in superficial nothings in an attempt to refill that void in my soul.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Runway Soundtracks

Some create merely an atmosphere in which the image of a garment can be showcased to the fullest.

Others are so well done, they stir up emotions so deeply embedded in our minds..

There is nothing to see here people keep moving on
Slowly their necks turn and then they're gone
No one cares when the show is done

Standing in line and it's cold and you want to go
Remember a joke so you turn around
There is no one to listen so you laugh by yourself ...

... The crowd on the street walks slowly, don't mind the rain
Lovers hold hands to numb the pain,
Gripping tightly to something that they will never own...

Out of all shows, why Versace? Why sell sex, with such strong undertones of self pity and despair?


Rewatching old footage of the VS 2007 show.

The atmosphere created by the girls

with their tousled barrel curls flowing

to the beat of their every step,

the music,

the chandeliers,

creates a feeling so enticingly nostalgic...

it makes me want to plunder into a world of darkness and never resurface.



Hello world,

You may be wondering why i have decided to put up a blog.

Well, to the very few of you who may be reading this, it's just easier, and maybe more purposeful, to just express my bottled up midnight emotions through words, rather than.. say, a youtube video, which will be watched by about 100 or so ditzy people looking for a cheap thrill. I'll leave youtube for nicely edited footage of my work and possibly special events.

I feel i have so many pointless things i have to express; i sit at home cooped up in front of my computer in contemplation every night. In other words, this blog is probably going to be filled with random depressing bullshit about my life, the stuff you don't see when you're confronted by my perfected facade of plastic.

Of course, thats not to say, that im still not going to post the superficial stuff i choose to immerse myself in on a daily basis. I love it.