Sunday, September 13, 2009

So.. Recently,

I've been wondering who actually booked the jobs i didn't.

There aren't many guys that usually are at the same castings i am, as in there aren't many male models around.

So if i didn't book a job, someone i know must have booked it.

So i wonder who booked the editorial and magazine covers, who booked that bloody look book shoot that was f*cking good pay (by good pay i mean work for 4 hours and make more than what a lot of people make for 2 weeks working full time) and who booked the ad campaign which would go up on billboards in Sydney.

I wanted a cover, billboards and money!!

Im hoping to see who gets those bookings. Because.... *stab stab* ;)


PS: Those photographers really can't spell.

PPS: That tub of strawberry shortcake icecream aint helping either.

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