Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nom Nom

Currently, I'm eating all the lollies that were meant as a thank you gift for the stage band. They should be considered lucky that i didn't down all the Tim Tams and the soft drink too!

Damn these bludgy subjects are costly! I've been buying goodies for all my lovely accompanyists (of course, not that i dont want to hehe).


Just a quick little update on 'ma moddle status!!!!'. I think Ive gone for around 5 American Crew competition casting calls. I dont even have one 'yes'. Oh well, i guess beauty/hair ain't my thing. Leave it to the pretty caucasion boys with perfect bone structures for that.

I'm really aiming for Vivien's once I'm done with the HSC. Its my biggest hope - I'm feeling a bit dodgy about working in China, with the internet filtering and all, hahaha. No i wasnt thinking of looking at other stuff. I meant Facebook! Yes. Facebook is banned in China! It's ridiculous. Im not sure i can survive in a place without Facebook or Youtube.

Can't wait to get some tests done soon though. Out of all the 15 images in my portfolio and the kabajillion i've thrown in the bin, only 4 or 5 are half decent. For my next test, I'm thinking of teaming up with a girlie moddle i know and with photographer extraordinaire Jysla Kay. However that could create interesting results, considering the last time i shot with a female model, we ended up going wayyyy off track creating Twilight shots, with me cracking up in 80% of the images because i can't focus solely on biting a girls neck.


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