Friday, November 6, 2009

It has come to the point where...

diet alone isn't going to cut it for my body.

I've always been quite the lazy one when it comes to taking care of my body - i used to only eat about 5000kj a day and that kept me quite slim. However, now that I've taken on more food on a daily basis and I've also been doing weights, I've built quite the amount of muscle that I'm satisfied with. With that, though, came quite a bit of fat and I'm not fitting my clothes properly now. I really have to step up my game and cut down on the junk food, focus on maintaining a high protein diet and do some cardio. I have never bothered with cardio in my life, but ive concluded that in order to maintain my muscle mass, i can not cut down on my food intake, so i have to find another way to burn allll those kilojoules i consume.

Yay!! A life chained to the treadmill. I never seem to have the right balance of work and play. I used to obsess over the amount of kilojoules i would eat in a day and now i have to get off my ass and run. Sounds like a plan.

Oh the sacrifices i make for my own vanity.

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