Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Babbling on about art.

Today, i came to the realisation that i will no longer be getting a band six for my HSC art result. I realised, only about five hours after the exam, that i bullcrapped more than half the first section due to the fact that i couldnt recall any art agencies and how i was supposed to write about them, nor i did not understand the image given to me in another question.

Yay, no ArtExpress for me. Apparently i was a 'promising' student.

I then ran off to Calvin Klein and got my first luxury peice of non apparel. I shall not reveal what it is yet, for it shall be debuted at the formal.
I just hope i dont throw it into the spa whilst i'm in my little drunken mode during the after party or something.

I now feel like i have completed my journey toward academic failure. Hooray.

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