Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You're too small honey.

So today, i was in the CBD with Blakeybear.

We stopped off at Priscillas. I felt so STUPID because i didnt know how to enter the building. I kept pressing the intercom buttons and no one came. Finally, after about 10 minutes of flailing my arms around and whinging to Blake, i CALLED them and an agent came through the front door (that looked like a window) and spoke to me for 2 minutes. He asked for my height and double took when i told him i was 180 (LOL), looked through my book and referred me to Platform and Scoop. GREAT START!

Then i walked all the way from Priscillas in Potts Point, to Double Bay where Viviens is. I was told to have a seat as the receptionist talked to an agent there. I was informed that Florence (whos in charge of the mens board) isnt here, but the other agent looked through my book anyway and told me to email *this* *this* and *this* shot to her. Thats a start, right?

..Yeah. After that, i walked allll the way to Chic (scoop) at ..i dont even know where it was. I just remember a lot up hill hiking and it took about 30minutes. Luckily, Blake had a navigator on his phone so i was able to get there. Their office is so out of the way! I got in and saw a few of the new girls getting polaroids taken. Theyre so slim omg. I went into the commercial division of Chic, an agent stood up and told me 'youre too small, honey." LOL. I told her i was 180 and so i ended up being measured. Then she told me the mens board is super competitive so she couldnt take me on. YAY.

THEN we pranced all the way to Oxford street, where i met a fellow model called James at the Diesel store. He gave me all the scoop on Scene agency and what not. Quite juicy, i must admit. I now think i know why certain.. people.. are.. acting the way they are *cough*.

ANYWAY. I emailed Florence. Lets hope i get signed with Viviens!


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