Friday, October 2, 2009

Back it comes

I'm testing once again. Not wise right before my exams i know, but seriously, they mean nothing to me. I still do want to do well, but really, they're not really helping me all that much.

I'm booking as much work as i can these holidays, plus sending in submissions to all the major players here in Sydney.

My next test is on wednesday. Why is there a lack of stylists here in Sydney? My wardrobe does not compensate for the amount of test shoots i have. I mean i have my own style of clothing and some pieces are versatile, but you can only play around with one look so many times. Speaking of which, i must get my formal shoes on Tuesday now, because i would probably need them for the shoot.

On wednesday, i shall morph myself into a hybrid of images from Blade and Matrix with gothic influences.
An image from the inspiration board.

It shall be interesting. I haven't shot in a studio in a while.


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