Friday, October 2, 2009


It's suddenly hit me that i shall never see some of my beloved friends ever again. I shall not be in this preprepared environment, where everyone is put together.

It didn't hit me when i graduated, it didn't hit me on our last day at the picnic. So why now?

Well, Debbie deactivated her facebook account. Petty, it seems. However, it was in a way, symbolic, yet still very literal for me.
She shut the door of communication between us (and others of course, but im ranting on from my perspective). She was one of the very few people i truly appreciated, yet i would probably never see her again in the future , like many other people - I'm not being pessimistic, im being realistic.

I guess this is almost like an official goodbye from me, except no one is here to listen.

I really did enjoy my time at Girraween. It was one of the best experiences in my life.

Jack Huang

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  1. oh come on now, you know I read this.

    Plus, when you get famous, you'll have an internationally known webpage, and you could blog there... or something. But I'll still be reading this one ^__^