Friday, January 1, 2010

Setting Fatties Up For Failure.


Is this the new aesthetic we want to aspire to?


I really don't understand this rebellion from our size 2 models. First of all, we are creating yet another unachievable ideal, seeing as most girls gain the majority of weight on their stomach and hips, making them pear shaped, whilst the plus models, who have an even distribution of fat cells, are hourglass shaped.

Think about it, without the aid of surgery, for most girls, achieving the bodies of these plus sized models is a lot less viable than being heroin chic.

And since when did anorexia become the leading problem in the US and Australia? Do we really need to encourage obesity any more than it already is?


Plus, considering how most new designers can't even afford a slot in fashion week, we wouldn't want them dishing out twice the funding to make samples twice the size, would we?

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