Friday, May 21, 2010

Saggy Skin & Leather

I think this is the first time in my life where i'm in want of a fashion related thing (in this case, a killer pair of doc martins or boots), and not been able to get them despite having a substantial amount of savings.

I guess in a way, it's helping me mature as a person. Speaking of which, I'm turning 18 in 11 days.

So is this what being old feels like?

PS. I still don't have anything planned for my 18th.

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  1. i can apparently talk to you here while im at work, i'd be damned if they let facebook come up, so all i get is this. fucking christ i wish i had some other method of talking to you. but please also note that if i dont talk to you durring the day on facebook ill be here at night. im going to make a blog and that will be our offical communication link. besides facebook of course.

    allrigght sooooo one.
    i miss you wayyy too much. i think about you all day, all night, before i sleep. i wonder what you're doing at random times. sometimes, i look up at the sky and realize that there is no possible way we could be looking at the same stars in the sky because the southern hemisphere has an oppisit star cycle. so that got my down... i didnt cry untill iwas 2 hours away from LAX, while i was watching "up".. the couple was just so cute together it reminded me of us. i also think my mind was convinced that i was going to step off the plane and bee greeted by you. untill the point i cried of course. sigh. i have alot to keep busy with i suppose. there is so much i want to say to you but i cant because i should really get back to work now... im procrastinating it like a bitch and i probably wont get out of here until 4-5.. grrrr, i keep kissing my wallet and my phone. miss you!!!!!!!! <3333